About Us

The team at wideangles.tv has an unusually wide skills base. We are dynamic and highly creative, yet we are practical and down-to-earth with our clients. We work with the complexities of the latest computer technologies, but we will not try to baffle with jargon. We are equally at home in the rarified atmosphere of national network television, as we are in the harsher realities of commerce. We are film-makers, artists, technologists, journalists, PR consultants and market researchers ... and we know how to tell a good story.


Paul Thomas


Paul Thomas markets and manages wideangles.tv.
A journalist, public relations consultant and marketer with 35 years experience, he ran his own national PR company before becoming director of a plc, which he helped to grow into the world's largest PR group. He also served for 10 years on the profession's trade body. Today he leads wideangles.tv's growth - particularly in the professional and corporate sectors, and in the field of staff communications and training.  In his spare time, Paul enjoys sailing and is a Yachtmaster of many years standing.

Andrew Pinder


Andrew Pinder is in overall charge of production at wideangles.tv.
Andrew is something of a polymath: by training he is a Ph.D. physicist and Chartered Engineer, but as a film-maker he has worked for the BBC, ITV-Granada and the UK government, winning a number of awards along the way. You will even find his name on the back of some Pavarotti discs!
In his spare time, Andrew is a keen yachtsman and sailing instructor, and has competed in the gruelling Fastnet Race.

James Mindham


Multimedia designer James Mindham has for many years worked on interactive educational projects, using sophisticated modelling and animation techniques.
James has a broad skill base in production, design and software development. His first job involved the interpretation of historical places and events, but now he is equally at home applying his expertise with great success to engineering and technical visualisations.
When not at work, James can usually be found walking the fields of the North Norfolk countryside in search of our archaeological past.